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Specializing in content strategy, I'm a data-driven out-of-the-box thinker who enjoys challenges and problem solving through the exploration of unconventional ideas. As a passionate writer, I always try to bridge my love and understanding of the power of words with that of the digital world while staying ahead of emerging industry trends. With years of experience and several certifications, I’m able to offer a keen eye for detail, an innovative approach, and a genuine connection to target audiences leading to high conversions.


 Content | strategy | conversion

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As the Senior Copywriter, my primary role was to set the tone for each destination-inspirational collection launch by writing print catalogs distributed to over 450,000 homes seasonally. I managed external writing partners editing for voice, tone, length, grammar, and brand purpose while writing emails, site copy, hangtags, digital ads, etc. I also helped create Tea's first-ever philanthropic fund naming it, creating a tagline, mission statement, and an assortment of conversational talking points. I also rewrote the brand tagline & giveback statement helping to infuse more of the brand purpose and speak to relevant audiences. 



As the lead Copy Editor, my primary role was to create & edit compelling, emotional, inspirational, & relevant stories across multiple platforms that connected with target audiences. I researched audience interests, both current and emerging, and strategized ways to reach them in their realm through copy & content. Deliverables included site, app, email, in-store, social, packaging, and marketing copy.


As the first and only Merchant Content Strategist at Postmates, my role is to build a merchant library, creating a wealth of content both merchant-facing and merchant team-enabling with the overall goal of getting more Postmates partners. My content pieces include case studies, white papers, one-pagers, landing pages, B2B lifecycle emails, blog posts, conference collateral such as booklets and term sheets, how-to scripts and videos, and email templates. I also manage internal writing partners editing weekly promotional emails, monthly newsletters, and as-needed general communications for voice, tone, length, and conciseness.



As Content Manager, my role was to create a better user experience & solve for consumer hardships. Primary concerns were lack of consumer knowledge about product functionality & the need for more visibility to new potential clients. Content created included scripts & voice overs for how to videos, live webinars, blog posts, & social media campaigns.


See below for a slideshow of my professional certifications including, SEO Foundations, Writing Marketing Copy, Storytelling for Advertising, and Grammar Foundations.


SEO Foundations
SEO Foundations

Writing Marketing Copy
Writing Marketing Copy

Grammar Foundations
Grammar Foundations

SEO Foundations
SEO Foundations

"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it."

Diane von Furstenberg