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Woke & Well Workshop


Holistic Wellness Business Course

Woke & Well Workshop

Bridging the gap between wellness entrepreneurship and business—the Woke & Well Workshop teaches intuitive Holistic wellness entrepreneurs how to shift their mindsets & build abundant soul-led businesses online with self gentleness.

Welcome, you're on your way to financial abundance!

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Who Am I?

& why should you trust me with your business? 

I'm a wife & mom consciously raising two young kings. Fully aware of the adversities they'll face, I'm dedicated to creating a world they can grow up & thrive in.


Confident in self.


knowledge of self, mindful practices & access to wellness practitioners, NOTHING can take them out of their zone & force them to act out of character. They're my why—my reason for dedicating my skillset to wellness soulpreneurs like you. If I can help you build thriving businesses, collectively, we can shape a world that black boys can grow up & thrive in without fear, despite the hardships being formed against them.


Now, how do you know the tactics in my course will work for you?


I have years of professional experience owning million-dollar content strategies for some of the top companies in the world (Sephora, Uber, Postmates, StyleSeat, Asana). I've put my skills to the test for businesses of my own earning over $50K in passive income in the span of a year. The skills I'm teaching in my Woke & Well Workshop allowed me to:

- Purchase a new build in the San Francisco Bay Area

- Purchase a new car

- Pay off my student loan

- Pay off my credit card

- Raise my credit score above 750

- Land a multi-thousand dollar brand deal

- 5x my social media following

- Attract new clients (without trying)

With that, you can trust me to lead with my heart & teach you proven tactics that have and continue to work for me individually & businesses collectively.