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Meet the Swanstons: A Family on a Mission to Savor the World

Welcome to the Swanston family's journey of intentional living through travel and food. We're not just tourists; we're explorers, foodies, and storytellers. Together, we're on a quest to deepen family bonds through global adventures and culinary delights. We invite you to join us as we traverse the globe, one dish and destination at a time. 

We're passionate about partnering with brands that value authentic storytelling, family-focused experiences, and the joy of discovery through travel and food.

Your Passport to Flavorful Engagement

Where artistry and analytics unite, you'll find a community eager to engage. Boasting a harmonious blend of storytelling and data-backed acumen, our platforms (Instagram and Wander & Savor Blog) offer a diverse and dedicated following. Below, you'll find a breakdown of our social media statistics, including follower count, audience demographics, and engagement rates, offering a glimpse into the reach and impact we can achieve together.

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Previous Brand Collaborations

Past brand collaborations have highlighted the Swanston family's ability to authentically integrate products into our lifestyle narrative. Each partnership has been a curated blend of storytelling and product showcasing, resonating deeply with a community focused on intentional living and family well-being.

Partnering with Caraway was a culinary match made in heaven. As a brand that values both design and functionality, Caraway's eco-friendly cookware was the perfect addition to my kitchen stories. Together, we crafted content that not only showcased the beauty of their products but also their practicality, resonating with families who love to cook but are also conscious about sustainability.

Collaborating with Our Place felt like a harmonious blend of shared values. Their mission to create meaningful connections around the dinner table aligns seamlessly with my own values of intentional family living. Through authentic storytelling and visually captivating content, we invited audiences to rediscover the joy of communal dining, one 'Always Pan' at a time.


Working with Lettuce Grow was an enlightening experience that took my content to new heights—literally! Their innovative approach to home gardening was a natural fit for my audience who are always seeking ways to make daily routines more meaningful. Together, we cultivated content that educated, inspired, and empowered families to grow their own food, right from the comfort of their homes.


Creating with Esembly Cloth Diapers was a natural fit for the Swanston family, who are passionate advocates for sustainable living. Through engaging content and authentic storytelling, this collaboration showcased the ease and eco-friendliness of cloth diapering, resonating with families eager to make responsible choices for their little ones.

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